Everest Products

Everest Products Co. Ltd is a leading self-innovation manufacturer with 1 factory in China and was established in 2001. As an integrated supplier, our products and LED lighting solutions are well-received by all customers.

Rich product ranges
With 17 years’ experience and powerful R&D team, we have always been and still will be the provider of self-developed high-power LED work lamps such as LED automotive lamps, LED portable lamps, LED strip lights and other LED products. These LED products are widely applied to the fields as below.

Automotive lighting
Mobile lighting
Heavy-duty vehicle lighting
Industrial lighting such as white goods market (bottle-/can coolers)
Portable indoor lighting
Marine lighting

If you need OEM and ODM services, we will be your experienced supplier. Everest Lighting does not only supply currently existing products to our customers, but also work to develop and refine new products on OEM and ODM basis. We always work as an outstanding starting point and excellent idea generator for our customers. We have experienced and creative R&D designers and engineers work closely with customers to develop innovative products that will fulfill customer’s requirements.

Our sales markets
With the untiring efforts, we have developed cooperation with many world-famous brands. And our products are welcomed in many countries, especially in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and almost all European countries.

International certifications and strict QC
As a trustable manufacturer, we have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certifications. Besides, we can provide QC report with each shipment, and the audits finished at our top 30 suppliers. Our professional technicians do work instructions for each production strictly.

With the trust of our customers and the hard-work of our team, surely we both will succeed.

Welcome to work with Everest.

Everest Medical

The whole word was suffering the New Coronavirus. it is very scary, how is the situation in your country. hope everything is under control and getting better soon.

Everest started our new business of safeguard products together with other two companies.

Trying to be help of the shortage of the safeguard products and supply at quite reasonable price with high quality.

We supply the PPE products like face shield, Test Kit, Disposable mask & IR thermometer, Gloves,surgical gowns, Hand Sanitizers etc.

If you were interested, pls feel free to contact me.