1000 pieces of disposable plastic food preparation gloves


  • 1000 disposable plastic gloves: universal for both men and women, use a flexible matte surface for non-slip and better grip!
  • Used in food service industry grade gloves-100% food safety, very suitable for commercial or household food processing. These handy gloves keep your hands clean and odor-free. Good slip resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, detergent resistance, corrosion resistance and non-adhesion, easy to use, one-time use, clean and hygienic.
  • Good toughness and extra tension, easy to stretch, durable, not easy to break and tear :; comfortable and comfortable hand touch, easy to wear, no holes and leaks.
  • Applications: Disposable poly gloves are ideal for food preparation and handling, sandwich assembly, grilling, restaurants, deli handling, meat preparation, counter tasks, dishwashing, kitchen food handling, home cooking applications, cleaning operations, home protection, general use Cleaning, food service, housework, beauty and hair salons, food processing, industrial applications, hair , pet keeping and cleaning, etc.!
  • Gloves are ideal for light load applications such as food service, cleaning and other general needs. These disposable poly-food food gloves can improve the hygienic working environment, and can be eaten in messy food such as grilling, cleaning, etc., and in any situation where you do not want to get your hands dirty. These disposable accessories make cleaning a breeze.


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