3-Ply Disposable Comfortable Earloop Marsk Anti Dust Mark


  • ● Material: This product adopts the material of two layers of non-woven fabric + inner melt-blown cloth + activated carbon filter layer, which has good protection effect and is very comfortable.
  • ● Security: To protect yourself is to protect the whole family!
  • ● Design: This product is an ear-hook style that can perfectly cover the nose, mouth and face, and is very comfortable to wear. Even if you wear it for a long time, it won’t cause ear pain for a long time.
  • ● Function: Our anti-pollution tools can reduce the risk of breathing gas, harmful smells, pollen, smoke, dust and other harmful particles in hospitals, schools, travel, cleaning, paint, buildings, outdoor activities, and is also very suitable for outdoor activities, For example, cycling, camping.


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