5in1 Sterilizer – Efficiently kill bacteria and viruses


5 IN 1 , Bens Sterilizer, Effective Against New Coronavirus

5 in 1 functions:

  • Nano-scale Photocatalyst,
  • UV,
  • Reactive Oxygen Species,
  • Active Charcoal Filter,
  • Air Negative Ion Generator,
  • Aromatherapy;
  1. Fivefold Sterilization: Nano-scale, photocatalyst,UV,reactive oxygen species,active charcoal filter,air negative ion generator;
  2. Purifying air: Aromatherapy,Air negative ino generator and active charcoal filter,helps to remove the dust in the air,purify and refresh the air;
  3. Protect eyesight: High Concentration of negative ions, can effectively reduce eye fatigue caused by high voltage static electricity of compunters etc.
  4. Safe and Harmless: Testing and approved by authoritative certification organizations. the product is non-toxic and harmless to humans, safe and reliable.
  5. long life time: Bens sterilizer use photoelectric principle,physical method, can be used for a long time without any maintenance;
  6. Affordable and protable: High quality and inexpensive, free to move and portable.
  7. Environment friendly: Do not release any harmful substances;
  8. Mini and companct deisign, easy to move and place, good options for the places like car, office, bed room etc. to protect the human body from viruses;


Packing Info.

Product size: 124 (diameter) * 77 (Height) mm
Color box size: 222*155*93 mm
Outer box size: 445*311*281mm
Net weight per unit: 350g
Gross weight: 490 g
Gross weight: 5.88kgs (12 sets/carton)
Container Qty: 20”: 9600 pcs; 40”: 19000 pcs;



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